Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can Hidrogen Fuel Be Possible Alternative Fuel For Automobiles

Recently, most of the car manufacturers and their engineers work out with alternative fuel (hidrogen fuel?) sources to gain consumers needs based on the rising of the oil prices.

A lot of alternatives sources for automobiles are being created such as hidrogen fuel cars, electric cars and solar cars. By now there is no one can reach the public's eye which can utilized their money and useful enough to be their transport.
Hybrid recently becomes popular but it still not enough to fulfill consumer need where they still need to have full tank of gas! and its prices too much higher rather than ordinary cars. Solar cars still being tested by the engineers and it seems hard to be produce due to its highly costs.

Based on many information nowadays, hidrogen fuel had been discovered tremendously which some of it can run completely using the hidrogen fuel. Some engineers found that by adding hidrogen gives a extra power, uses less fuel and gives out only oxygen and some wastes. It is good news if that car can run almost purely by using water!!!

How Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work

Like batteries, fuel cells use chemical processes without combustion to create energy with a clean by-product. Because they do not work with the process of combustion, fuel cells never have partly used components, and therefore do not produce poisonous by-products (combustion engines produce carbon monoxide and a wide variety of other poisons, in contrast.)

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