Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Car Run on Hydrogen - Save Fuel by Converting Your Car to Run on Hydrogen (hidrogen fuel)

Can a car run on hydrogen gas? The simple answer to that question is yes. However, there are some technical challenges to run a car purely on hydrogen gas (H2). The main issue is storage. To store sufficient amount of H2 to power a vehicle, it has to be compressed into a cylinder tank under high pressure. This will create a problem if there is a leakage and dangerous to the driver because H2 is highly flammable. Another way to use hydrogen on car is to implement the "on demand" system. What is the science behind the concept? This article will provide some useful information on the topic.

It is a fact that you can save fuel by converting your car to run on hydrogen gas. To solve the gas storage issue, a car can be installed with an electrolysis device. The device is basically used to extract H2 from water. This is possible because water is made of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. For electrolysis to work, it has to be connected to the car battery. The whole circuit can be connected to a liner switch.

When the switched is turn on, hydrogen gas is generated and vented into the engine air intake system. From there is it sucked into the combustion chambers and mixed with gasoline. Due to the potent properties of H2, the gas mixture will burn more efficiently and produce more power. By supplementing hydrogen gas into the engine, it has the potential to improve the vehicle mileage thus saving cost.

The hydrogen "on demand" system works manually. When a car is moving, the driver turns on the switch to save fuel. When the car is idle, the electrolysis system is turned off to stop the production of hydrogen gas. With this simple setup, drivers around the work has the opportunity to convert their cars to run on hydrogen.

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