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What is Hydrogen Fuel and How Hydrogen Fuel Works - How it Can Change Energy Problem (Hidrogen Fuel)

The initiative of using Hydrogen fuel as energy resource came from American government, scientist and environmentalist. The hydrogen fuel technology is based on simple chemical reaction between Oxygen and Hydrogen, the reaction generates energy. The resultant energy can be used as power a Car producing only water, not fumes.

The California state (America) was first to use hydrogen powered cars, currently few hundred automobiles are running in California. The cars have special storage to store Hydrogen in form of gas or liquid and process converts the hydrogen into electricity for the engine using a fuel cell. This project is still in early stage, with more research the technology will become more robust and commercially viable.

Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel

The most important advantage of using hydrogen fuel is that the emission it outputs is water only.
Unlike other popular fuels used for energy consumption produce carbon dioxide (CO2).
With little tail pipe pollution, Hydrogen fuel is less pollutant as compared to other fuels.
Research shows when Hydrogen is used with fuel cell engine over internal combustion engine, it increases efficiency of car.

Disadvantages of Hydrogen Fuel

The cost to run a hydrogen fuel based car is high. Because it takes large amount of energy to liquefy the fuel.
There is a need for compressed Hydrogen gas, which will allow car to run for longer time. Currently research is in underway to make it commercially viable.
Once technology is perfected and means to get fuel are economical and commercially viable, then Hydrogen fuel may strike cord with people and car manufactures.

I believe in near future we will see more dependence upon alternate fuel source and one of them will be Hydrogen fuel. The governments and private industries are pumping lot of money in research to get clean, safe and environment friendly "Hydrogen fuel technology".

Already car manufactures have started building pilot projects to get car out using Hydrogen fuel. Honda has set its goal for 2008, where as GM and Merceds has set deadline around 2010. More depends upon performance of initial cars, if technology is easy to use and cost per car is within the budget of people, then Hydrogen fuel may become one of the alternate fuels.

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